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    I’ve seen on other forums and such that Winkeyless sold the B.Face R X2 pcb, but I am not finding it on here. I only see the B. Face R, which I would assume to be the first, older generation.

    Is the R X2 out of stock? Does Winkeyless not sell it anymore? Or is the R X2 actually the one Winkeyless sells, just missing part of the name?

    Thank you very much.


    Oh… sorry for confusing you.

    B.face R is same as B.face R X2.

    Recently I removed “X2” from the item name because I don’t offer the older version anymore.




    So what is the different between B.87 EX and B.87 Without EX?

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    You may think of this term as numpad.
    (The term “EX” usually stands for “extension”.)

    So “b.87 EX” is full sized keyboard of B.87 + numpad.
    – B.87 EX layout : 

    – B.87 layout :



    Thank you Hojin Yi for clearing up my confusion.

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