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    John Reiter


    I purchased a B.face PCB from you with RGB LEDs pre-soldered.  I’ve noticed that one of the RGB LEDs either flickers or lights with the wrong color, depending on what color I have set using the Bootmapper Client.  For instance, when I have the LED set to green, this one LED flickers; when I have it set to yellow, the LED flickers between red and yellow;  when I have it set to white, the LED flickers between white and blue; etc.  However, when I have it set to red or blue, it’s fine.

    Any ideas what the issue might be and how I might fix it?



    Sorry for your inconvenience.

    I think the one was out of order.
    It should be replaced.

    If you have someone around you to help soldering,
    you can easily replace it with a new one.
    (Surely I’ll pay for the cost.)

    If not, you had better to send it back to me to fix it.

    Could you tell me your order number?



    John Reiter

    It was order W6534.

    I’ve already soldered the mechanical switches and in-switch LEDs, so I can probably replace the LED.


    John Reiter

    Is this the part number?  WS2812B

    I saw it on some other posts here.


    Yes that is right.

    That is WS2812B.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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