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    Hi.. I don’t have the knowledge and equipment to build one of your keyboard.. what do I need to do to have the keyboard fully assembled by you with the case, pcb, switches and led together?



    Thanks for your interests in my products.
    Yes it’s possible to order fully assembled one.

    1. In a PCB item
    – Select “SMT” option
    – Choose “switches” and “soldering switches”.
    (If you want in-switch LEDs, choose “in-switch LED” and “soldering in-switch LED” too. )

    2. When you add a housing case, please select the layout you want.
    If you don’t know which layout you want, just show me a keyboard photo.
    Then I’ll take care of it.

    The left thing you have to do is putting keycaps and USB cable which I don’t offer.




    i see.. for the switches at the pcb part which switches are those? is it cherry mx or gaterons?


    They are Cherry MX ones.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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