How to order a fully completed keyboard

The way of ordering a fully completed keyboard is almost same as normal online ordering,  but needs one more step – Asking for below services separately.
– Soldering switches (necessary for a fully completed one)
– Soldering in-switch LEDs (if you need)


[Ordering PCB and Housing case]

  1. First of all, please see what you need to make a fully completed keyboard at
  2. Select PCB with all stuffs and options(B.87EX X2, B.Mini EX X2, B.87EX(R or Non-R), B.Mini EX(R or Non-R), B.Face EX, B.Pad EX)
  3. Select a housing case (BBB acrylic case or BBB acrylic case with RGB Diffuser)
  4. Place an order and procede payment like normal order.
[Ordering extra services – Soldering switches and in-switch LEDs]
  1. After finishing ordering, tell me what you want as extra service by email(
    – Soldering switches
    – Soldering in-switches(if you want)
  2. I wil send you an invoice for the charge of extra service through Paypal.
  3. You pay it
  4. Done.

Please keep in mind that it would take 50~60 days to ship your order if you include “soldering switches”.

If not, it usually takes 3~4 weeks.