1. The stuffs to make a full keyboard
2. About Firmware
3. Setting Firmware and BootMapperClient
4. House color(Frost, Matte, Translucent)
5. (download)B.face Keymap file for HHKB
6. Pictures of Normal Acrylic Case And Diffuser Acrylic Case
7. On lead time
8. Payment Process
9. The layouts of B-series PCBs 
10. The Drawings of B-series Housing case
11. Assembling Housing Case
12. Difference between X2 and non-X2
13. Difference between “R” and “non-R”
14. Soldering Guide 
15. Troubleshooting for in-switch LED
16. U.con assembling guide
17. ps2avrGB firmware source code
8. How to fix when keyboard doesn’t work after uploading firmware
19. B.pad keymap
20. Photos of stabilizer installed
1. Delivery Fee
2. How to check if a PCB is working
23. How to check if the hardware is broken
24. What is the difference between Center and Off-Center position of CapsLock
25. How to remove ps2avrGB driver clearly
. Partner Maker
27. In-switch LED and RGB LED
28. Photo of switch stem




Q. What are the LED lights under the keyboard

A. They are NCS Indicator.

  • Red-numlock, Green-capslock, Blue-scrolllock
  • If you want to turn off Num-Lock, press FN + Pause

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 Q. When plugged, it flashes and doesn’t work
A. If it’s flashing, it means it entered bootloader mode. There would be an electric short around LCtrl or LWin switch.
So desolder both switches and test it. Then, if it works, please resolder them carefully.


Q. Since I receive it, R-Alt and R-Ctrl doesn’t work.
A. Sometimes in default, Both keys were keymapped to Korean and Chinese character.
If then, please keymap them as you want by using keymapper.