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    I am considering buying a ex PCB. I would like my keyboard to be programmable through qmk firmwares. The qmk repository shows a entry with source code ( which seems to indicate that the would be compatible, but I cannot find other information on that.

    Is the ex based on the same chip? If I create a matching layout (adding the keypad) based on qmk, should I be able to flash it on the ex PCB?



    Thanks for your interests in my products.


    Actually I’m not sure my PCB will work on that firmware.
    To be clear you’d better contact QMK.
    But we also provide our own firmware and UI Program.(

    For a future use, I hope you to use our own ones.




    Thanks for your feedback!

    FYI, there seems to be a bit of work going on WRT supporting the with qmk, although it still seems quite experimental:

    I might take part into it, as I am very interested in the increased customisation achievable through direct programmability.

    I’ll still check your provided firmware and GUI a little bit more.





    Thanks for your information.




    For you info, I’m one of the maintainers of the QMK port. I only have the b.face at hand, but the initial port was for the and it should work without problems. RGB backlighting is supported as well; for the b.face, you can also use the per-key LEDs, but not dim them (yet). I don’t know the state of the per key backlighting for the

    If you need help come to the QMK Gitter at or ask me directly 🙂


    Quick edit:

    You can find the at and the general port at (I have an open PR to bring the general port up-to-date as of now).

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    Thank you very much.

    I’ll look into it asap ^^




    Hi….do a search for “static” and “ground” on the sub, it’s been brought up several times. The new PCBs have some protection. One thing that might help is a ground wire from the metal case or plate to the shield of the USB cable.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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