Troubleshooting for In-switch LED

Q. LED doesn’t turn on

A. Change LED mode by pressing ESC + CapsLock. Default value is “off”, so if you change it to different mode, it will turn on.


Q. Even after changeing LED mode, it doesn’t turn on.

A. Please check to solder resistors. Each LED has its own register value.

  • 820 Ohm : generally used for white/pink LED
  • 910 Ohm : generally used for blue/green LED
  • 1300 Ohm : generally used for red/yellow/orange LED



Q. Resistors are OK, but it doesn’t turn on.

A. Start the keyboard in the bootloader modeĀ (While pressing LCtrl, connect it to PC).
In bootloader mode, all LEDs are flashing continuously. If they are not, it has a haredware problem.