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Sorry for the late reply, I was busy with exams.

1. –>You can set the RGB and LED settings for B.87 and B.pad separately.
(especially for B.pad, there is no short key. So you have to use BootmapperClient or make a keymap.)
If you are asking that setting B.87 will change B.pad,
it’s impossible.

I am having trouble understanding what you are saying. When I have both B.87 and B.Pad connected I can only customize settings for one of them on Bootmapper client. If I disconnect one of the two keyboards then I can choose which one to customize. But if I don’t disconnect either then it is random which LED and RGB settings I am changing. Sometimes I am changing settings for B.87, other times I am changing settings for B.Pad.

2. –> I’ll check the firmware. I think it will take a while to investigate it.
I promise I’ll let you know the result.

Yes please let me know if you find a fix! Sometimes one or both of the keyboards LEDs turn on during the night and it is very bright since my desk is near my bed. Most of the times it is ok now though, so it is a very random problem.

3. –> ESC+Capslock for LED mode. ESC+shift+Capslock for RGB mode

Thanks! It works perfectly!

Thanks for your help so far. I love both keyboards very much and they feel very great and of high quality.~

I do have a small request though, if possible. For the B.Pad, I chose matte black for the feet. Is it possible for me to order a different color (like the sky blue on my B.87) and a smaller size? I think the one now is too chunky and I wasn’t able to find any pictures for it when I purchased so I thought the feet/stand would look the same as B.87 one.
I really like the look of B.87 feet/stand and I wish that was the one I had on B.Pad too.

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