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You are displaying a picture of the acrylic with RGB diffuser case. These are what the layers mean.

1 (2T) is your top layer.

2 (3t) is your second layer which these top two layers combine with your pcb/switches. so in order of assembly you have switch, layer 2t, layer 3t and then your pcb. when you solder the switches, these all basically become one piece. This piece then sets on top of your RGB diffuser layer which is essentially your bottom case.

5 (5t) is your middle layer of the stand that prompts the case up.

5 (2t) goes on the outer sides of the stand piece above.


Top two layers are thinner than the RGB diffuser layer. The top layer is a millimeter or two smaller than the second layer so the second layer shows slightly around the edges almost like an outline. I hope this helps, I am not the owner or worker here just trying to explain to a fellow keyboard enthusiast.


I attached a picture my keyboard I ordered a couple months ago.

my colors:

2t matte frost

3t matte black

(RGB Diffuser layer)

5t matte frost (these bottom two are the stand piece that angles the keyboard)

2t matte black

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