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Here is a picture. Let me also say that the key was working at one point (May have been a faulty switch since when I press there was no output to the computer about 10% of the time), and now that I have replace the switch I noticed no solder on the diode. I add solder to it now, and now the key does not work at all.


Ignore the wires and things please, just showing that there was no solder on diode.

I have been doing more things to make it work, here is a list of things I have tried to make this process faster for both of us:

Steps I’ve taken to fix this:

1. Swapped out the suspected faulty switch
2. Soldered the diode
3. Had a few people inspect the PCB and it seems to check out
4. Flashed firmware and tested all the keys in swittchHitter and other testers.
5. Attempted to jump it to the adjacent backspace switch, this didn’t work because I had bad wire I believe.

This leads me to believe it is a dead diode, or an act of god that is preventing this key from properly working.

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