How is payment proceeded?

The payment is proceeded through only Paypal.
You have 2 ways to Paypal payment page.
1. By Winkeyless shop : If you find all items you want to buy from the Winkeyless shop, just click “Add to Cart” to add them to your cart.
You would select the item “Extra Charge” to pay for the troublesome items such as soldering a specific parts.
In the cart page, “Proceed to Checkout” button will proceed you to the Paypal payment.
(At the check out page, you can write down messages in the “Order Notes” field.)

2.By Paypal Invoice : A custom keyboard would have so many options and user requests such as a special cutout or colors of PCB or case, printing marks, soldering, etc.
Just email me your orders and request . Then we’ll send you a Paypal invocice. That’s it.