How long does it take to receive order


(As you see in the table, “Lubing” takes so much time. Please take it into consideration when ordering.)

Items Days
A Only PCB with soldering controller parts 7~10
B A + Housing case 17~24
C B + Soldering diodes + Soldering resistors 17~26
D  C + Soldering switches (+in-switch LED) 45~60
 E  D + Lubing (+ stickering) 50~80


<How to spend a lead time for a  fully assembled keyboard>

When I get an order including a set of housing case,

I’m waiting for usually 3~4 days to cope with the case that a buyer could change their mind.

(So you can ask me to change some options within this period.)

And I also place an order of it to a manufacturer with drawings.

The manufacturer sends it to me in 2 or 3 weeks by domestic delivery.

As soon as I receive it, I check its quality(1~2 days).

If I find any defect, I place the order again.

Or not, I start to assemble it by soldering switches and in-switch LED.(2~4 days)

After finishing it, I throughly check it for quality and functioning.(2~3 days)

If it works well,  finally I send it to a delivery office by domestic delivery.(1~2 days)

With holidays and weekends, it usually takes 50 days to ship a completed  keyboard.