How to order a fully completed keyboard

The way of ordering a fully completed keyboard is almost same as normal online ordering,  but needs one more step – Asking for below services separately.
* Soldering switches (necessary for a fully completed one)
* Soldering in-switch LEDs (if you want)

※ Acually you don’t have to solder switches or in-switch LEDs when you are using “holtite”.
For more details, please visit

[Ordering PCB and Housing case online]

  1. First of all, please see what you need to make a fully completed keyboard at
  2. Select PCB with all stuffs and options(B.87EX X2, B.Mini EX X2, B.87EX(R or Non-R), B.Mini EX(R or Non-R), B.Face EX, B.Pad EX)
  3. Select a housing case (BBB acrylic case or BBB acrylic case with RGB Diffuser)
  4. Place an order and procede payment like normal order.
[Ordering extra services – Soldering switches and in-switch LEDs]
  1. After finishing ordering, tell me what you want as extra service by email(
    – Soldering switches
    – Soldering in-switches(if you want)
  2. I wil send you an invoice for the charge of extra service through Paypal.
  3. You pay it
  4. Done.

Please keep in mind that it would take about 60 days to ship your order if you include “soldering switches”.

If not, it usually takes 3~4 weeks.