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22mini-B X2

In-switch LED Position : Non-R (South)



-> Including Parts and Soldering: Main Controller Parts + RGB LEDs + RGB Controller + Diodes + Resistors(R820)

-> Not Including : Switches, In-switch LEDs



-> There is nothing presoldered.
-> A PCB includes a set of main controller parts unsoldered.
-> Soldering Guide : http://blog.winkeyless.kr/192


[Before You Choose "DIY"]

If you choose "DIY" option for the soldering of smd parts,
it is you to be responsible for the malfunctioning of your keyboard after putting those parts.

Of course I would like to guide you how to solder or assemble your keyboard.

But I mean before you are placing an order with "DIY" option,
you are confident of doing that.

  • 65% Layout and Controller parts
  • RGB LED effect
  • USB/PS2 Combo
  • NKRO(inPS2) & 6KRO support
  • Supporting Macro and Key Mapping for 4-layer
  • Supporting all the multimedia keys.
  • Mac OS Compatible

※ If you want a housing case, you have to choose it separately from Bold case






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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 2 cm