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If you use them, you don’t have to solder switches or in-switch LEDs.
Also you can swap your switches easily without desoldering switches whenever you want. It is quite easy to install holtites to a PCB.

  • Holtite Model for Switch : 8134-HC-8P3
  • Holtite Model for In-Switch LED : 8134-HC-5P3
  • A switch requires 2 holtites(8134-HC-8P3)
  • A In-switch LED requires 2 holtites(8134-HC-5P3)


Model B.87 EX B.Mini EX B.87 B.Mini B.face B.pad
Holtite Quantity 216~220 210~214 174~178 168~172 120~128 42~48


[How to Install]

  • You need a pressor with a flat end (Sorry we don’t offer it)
  • Don’t use soldering iron which could hurt your PCB


  • By using a hard stuff with a hole like pop-nut as a support, press heads of holtites with a tool with flat end.
    (Follow the pictures below)

(1) Enter the holtites into the holes

(2) Support holtite with hard material (In the pic, I used a pop-nut).

(3) Push  the head of holtite with a flat-ended tool until its head becomes flat.

(4) The distance between head and PCB should be shorter than 0.5 mm.

(5) Install your switches and in-switch LEDs


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