Soldering Guide


For B.pad


  •  In B.pad, controller parts are only for USB only. If you want PS/2 connector, don’t solder ZD1, ZD2.
  • But when you connect through PS/2, you can’t use BootMapper Client tool.


For B.87(X2), B.face(X2), B.thumb(X2), (X2)



  • Resistors for controller parts shoud be soldered like the pic above. There is no direction for the resistor.  Number on a resistor means resistor’s value.
  • Capacitor “C2” has the directions, so solder it like the pics.

And other parts are going same way as the pics.

  • You have to keep in mind that C1 is dark brown and C3/4 are light gray.
  • Crystal(Y1) has no direction, but avoid upside down.
  • Transistors (N1~3) are going like the pics.
  • MCU(IC1) has the directions.
  • Zenodiode(ZD1~2) has the direction. Please refer to the pics.

<For New Crystal Parts>

  • Recently the soldering points for a crystal were changed from 4 points to 2 points.
  • Have to add it in a diagonal direction soldering only 2 parts as the pic below.





Anyway other parts look like this.




<RGB LED Controller>DSC_0333

  • The pic above shows the RGB LED controller parts.
  • Resistors have no direction, but IC2 has.




  • RGB LED has the direction. On the pcb and RGB LED, you can find a diagonal line at the corner which shows RGB LED direction.
  • WC1, WC2, …. mean the capacitory. You can ignore them.

<Diodes and Resistors>




  • Diodes have the direction. You can tell them by the black line.
  • Resistors for full LED have no direction. Just solder them at the place with resistor mark(red zigzag line)
  • Purple line means the power line. Green line is showing the line to the LED.


<Resistors to make Scroll Lock and Num Lock LED as Full LED>

  1. If the PCB is X2 version


  • You can use Scroll Lock and Num Lock key as full LED.
  • If you solder them like the pic(horizontally), they act as indicators. If vertically, as full LED.

(* Caution : If you use 330 ohm resistors for the full LED, it could cause a electric problem.)

2. If the PCB is older version than X2


  • Remove the resistor “R8” next to the MCU
  • Solder a resistor for full LED at CapsLock.
  • Wire 2 switch points like pic above.(Must solder the wire upper pads of the switches)


  • When you solder USB connector, please be careful not to overflow the lead.



When you have finished soldering, you should upload the firmware by using BootMapperClient tool, and set the keymapping and RGB value.




Q. I received PCB and found some incompletedly soldered resistors. Are they wrong?

A. Around lock keys, you can find 330ohm resistors half soldered. We added them, so you can use them when you need.


If you want for the LEDs of Lock keys to be full LED(not indicator),
Please loot at  the page in which you can find “Resistors to make Scroll Lock and Num Lock LED as Full LED”

If you solder them like the pic(horizontally), they act as indicators. If vertically, as full LED.
Usually 330ohm is used for Indicators while 820ohm for white LED.
if you use 330ohm for full led, it will cause electric problem.