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    I am a huge fan of your store. A few months ago, my brother gave me as a birthday gift a 22-mini B pcb (though I think it might be an older run because the layout is slightly different than the pictures) along with some switches, a plate, and a case. The smd components were pre-soldered and the firmware pre-flashed by you. I just recently got around to soldering all of the switches on, but I am having a very odd problem. As soon as I plug in the keyboard, every key in row 13 (in the default keymap_gb_B8000 that is “Rctrl”, “FN”, “}]”, “=”, “F10”, “U”, and “I”) acts as though they are being held down (constantly being pressed). If I change the mapping for these keys to blank, they keyboard works as expected. Unfortunately, these are essential keys so this is not a solution for me.

    I have spent a long time troubleshooting and looking through the form for solutions. Here is a list of things I have tired:

    1. Re-uploading the firmware. The version that the board is running is “ps2avrGB_NKRO.hex”, the most recent release on GitHub. Based on previous form responses, I believe this is the correct version, but I tired the split-key and GBU versions just in case. Not surprisingly, the keyboard did not work with those firmwares.

    2. Uninstalling and Reinstalling the usb driver. Verified against this image to make sure it was installed properly. Screenshot from my devices and printers menu is attached.

    3. Checking all of the solder connections, switches, and diodes. I did this with a multimiter and tested every single key for shorts or faulty switches or diodes. None had any. A picture of the soldered pcb is attached.

    4. Following this guide: The led flashed as it was supposed to.

    5. Following this guide: This is probably where the problem comes from. When I follow these directions, I get the error message “Error opening HIDBoot device: The specified device was not found.” This occurs whether or not I boot the keyboard while hold lctrl. It is worth mentioning that I can control the leds, upload and download keymappings, and reupload the firmware without getting this error.

    Does this mean the contoller IC in my keyboard is broken? What do you recommend I do?


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    Sorry for your inconvenience.

    I think the firmware is not a problem.

    1. Could you try to upload the firmware(ps2avrGB_NKRO.hex) in bootloader mode?

    2. Did you try to upload a keymap file “keymap_gb_EN_B87(EX)_mini(EX).hex”?

    Please let me know the result.


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