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    If I wanted to replicate the keyboard from this picture http://i1.wp.com/winkeyless.kr/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/DSC_1934.jpg

    Would this be the correct case specifications?

    Acrylic Case with RGB Diffuser × 1
    B.face/B.face X2
    Enter Type: ANSI
    Left Shift: 2.25x
    CapsLock Position: Combo
    B.face/B.thumb Space Row: Winkeyless
    Using 1X Winkey: Yes
    BackSpace: Combo
    R Shift: Combo

    Color Layer 1(2T): matte frost
    Color Layer 2(3T): matte white
    Color Layer 5(5T): matte frost



    No, you would need to set the Bottom row to HHKB Style (blank/1x/1.5x/7x/1.5x/1x/blank). Also, R Shift is a 1.75x but you can use a 2.75x (so basically combo.) If you want to replicate the HHKB Layout use 1x + 1x or combo backspace. Otherwise, it looks like its the same as the keyboard in the picture.

    tl;dr its not winkeyless but blank/1u/1.5u/space (7u)/1.5x/1u/blank


    Thanks Gracz.

    Yes he is right.

    You have to choose “blank/1x/1.5x/7x/1.5x/1x/blank” for the space row not “Winkeyless”.

    Other optios are OK.




    Thanks for clearing this up, sent an email regarding a change to my order.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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