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    Mike Chen

    my b.mini has been perfectly for 4 months now. but this morning i woke my computer from sleep and the rgb lighting was not working. i tried the function keys to toggle it on/off and change the brightness, but it didn’t work. i went into the bootmapper client, options, connect, and changed the rgb settings, but it wouldn’t turn on. i unplugged from usb and replugged. nothing works. no spills, impact, drops, or rough use.

    key leds are fine. typing works fine.

    order w5649

    what can i do?


    Hi Mike

    Sorry for your inconvenience.

    Your problem is quite a weird thing…

    Please follow the steps below

    Let’s try “EEPROM All Clear”
    – Open BootmapperClient program
    – At the Option tap, press “Set Bootloader”
    – A popup will open when you select “EEPROM All Clear” button. Click yes.
    – Leave it alone for 3 seconds with 3 lock LED light-on.
    Then they will flashing.
    – Disconnect and reconnect USB

    And see your RGB LED working again.

    If not, I have to see your keyboard by myself.

    I hope it would work.



    Mike Chen

    great news, it worked!

    although it reset all my settings, i have a backup. any idea what caused it, or how to prevent this in the future? i’m on win10, ps2avr 1.3.0_170321, bootloader 0.9.0.



    There is no special reason.

    Whenever you upload a new firmware, just clear EEPROM before that.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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