B.mini X2 Space Bar Higher that rest of bottom row?

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    I finally got around to putting my B.mini X2 and I discovered that the spade bar button is higher than the rest on the row.  I looked at some photos on your site and it does indeed look like the space bar is higher:


    Here is mine:

    Is this on purpose?  It makes it so that I can’t put a gmk space bar on without it rubbing…






    Which one do you mean, switch or keycap?

    If you mean it’s switch, it is impossible to make it higher than others.
    Because PCB and layer plate are flat.
    (You should push it to the end where switches’s legs are stuck.)

    If you mean spacebar keycap,
    some spacebar is higher than rest of ones.



    I thought twice.

    Probably you mean the space switch is more to north than others, right?
    So the space between 2 switches is narrower?

    I think you installed it with north part more tightly than south, so it was a little slanted to the north.
    (When you see the PCB, you will know that the holes are in straight line.)

    If you push it to the south a little, it would be good.


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    I probably could have explained better.  The switch for the space bar farther from the bottom edge of the keyboard than the other switches, meaning it’s too close the the “B” and “N” switch.  I took a picture with a straight edge to demonstrate.  I think this might just be due to the fact hole for the space switch does not have the top edge so maybe it’s leaning in…i’ll take it apart later and investigate…



    I’ll give that a try, I did look at the pcb and it is indeed lined up.  Thanks!

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