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    Currently, I set combo Fn + C_M2 as RGB Led mode and Fn + C_M3 as In-Switch Led mode (this is default layout I think)

    When using older firmware (v1.1-160228), these combos work flawlessly.

    I also test with v1.1-160404 and the newest v1.2-160420, these combos donot work. I have to set those funtions to another combos.

    Does this happen as your purpose? If yes, why do you have to disable those combos, and will you plan to bring it back?

    Thank you.



    I didn’t do that.
    Could you check you mapped “RGB mode” and “LED mode” in FN Layer like pic I attached?

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    Yes that’s it. I also set combo Fn + / and Fn + * in the same layer and they do work.

    More information: my PCB is B.Pad X2R



    I mean I have to set new combos to use those functions. The default combos Fn + C_M2 and Fn + C_M3 still donot work.


    I think you changed something.
    (Could you tell me your order number?)

    Try again. http://blog.winkeyless.kr/183



    What do you mean “change something”?

    This problem only happens on firmware v1.1-160404 and the newest v1.2-160420.

    If I revert back to v1.1-160228, those combos work again without any changes.


    Since version 160404, I had fixed some problem with FN layer.
    So your mapping of FN2 and FN3 to C_m2 and C_m3 would work differently.

    I think I had better to going back.
    Please wait for the next patch.



    Today I patched the firmware to solve your problem.

    Please check it.



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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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