Can't connect to Bootmapper Client when using PS/2

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    Codey Sun

    I have a b.face that I’ve been using over USB for a long time, but now I want to switch to PS/2 for the NKRO. I bought a usb to ps/2 adapter, but when I plug it in while holding “P”, the keyboard doesn’t power and won’t connect to Bootmapper Client. Is it a problem with my adapter or something else?



    Sorry for your inconvenience.
    It’s quite a weird.

    Could you try bootmapperclient?

    – Enter Bootloader mode first
    – Press “Options” tap
    – At the bottom, you can find “Bootloader(HIDBoot)” section.
    – click “set ps/2” button

    If it doesn’t work, please try another adapter.


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    And for clarification….

    – Even though you use PS/2 converter, it is originally USB. So it supports 6+1, not NKRO
    – BootmapperClient can find your keyboard only when you connect it in USB mode.

    So the conclusing is…. USE PS/2 cable, not converter.


    P.S: If you want to change keyboard connection mode by using BootmapperClient,
    you should enter Bootloader mode first.


    Codey Sun

    Ah, so even if the adapter does work, it won’t be any different from USB. In that case, I just have to buy a new cable that connects with ps/2? Does it still connect to the keyboard with mini-usb?



    Hey just checking in to say that I got my to work with a Filco USB to PS/2 converter, and I get NKRO when testing. (now I just need to figure out how to get back to USB so that I can set the repeat speed to normal and not delete all my text when I hold backspace)


    Just reconnect your keyboard to a PC while press the key “U”.

    As I said above

    1. Enter into Bootloader mode

    2. open BootmapperClinet.

    3. Press the button “Set USB”

    Then it’ll be USB mode.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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