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    I have a question regarding the case LED. It seems that there are only 6 colours that work. Red, green, blue, teal, pink, yellow. Is this a limitation of the LEDs that have been built into it? Since they are RGB LED I assumed they would be able to have more than 6 colours, for example orange. 🙂

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    Only 6 colors?

    No. it can show all the real colors.(26x256x256 =16777216)

    You can pick one from the palette in BootmapperClient program.





    Thank you for your answer.

    Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case for me. When I set it all to #CC9900 from the palette it all becomes yellow (the same yellow as when selecting yellow from the left row in the palette). I have never been able to successfully set my RGB LEDs to all the colours, only the six colours I mentioned. Even with firmware updates it didn’t change.

    Maybe you have an idea as to why this is? I’d love to have a fully colourful keyboard and I’m generally really happy with it. <3

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    Hello, I would really like to solve this problem and would appreciate an answer. 🙂 Thank you.

    I had my firmware set to ps2avrGB in the keymapper, I set it to ps2avrGB4U. I essentially didn’t change anything, I didn’t download the keymap. But now it works. Maybe a bug? I’m happy that it works now!

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