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    Reuben Espiritu

    So I’ve been wanting to replace my aging keyboard for the longest time but am worried that I might be missing some things.

    So if you could check my order for me.





    I plan on using authentic cherry stabilizers as well as 78g R5 Zealio Switches and ordering holtites from this site so I wouldn’t have to solder anything. Also as far as keycaps, I plan on using these keycaps from aliexpress til I find something I really want to use later.


    Does everything look ok?

    Thank you!

    Also, what is the timeframe I’m looking at with something like this?



    Thanks for your interests in my products.

    If you get switches and stabilizers from other source, yes your order is perfect.
    And you don’t have to solder anything if you use holtites.



    Reuben Espiritu


    Thanks for the response. I just placed my order!

    About how long would you estimate the wait time? I know it’ll be a while which is okay. I’m just wanting to know a general time frame.

    Thanks again!

    Reuben E.

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