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    I was wondering if I would be leaving anything out if I was going to order a complete PCB+switch+plate build by putting in an order for..

    B Face X2 PCB
    Soldered control parts
    Switches: MX Red
    1.8 mm in-switch LED
    WKL Stabilizers (Cherry style stabilizers)
    Soldered Diodes & Resistors

    I want a PCB for…
    WKL style:
    Bottom Row: 1.5u – 1u – 7u – 1.5u – 1u – 1.5u
    and also a Stepped Caps Lock & Short Right-Shift+FN

    Would I be able to contract to build this complete PCB+plate+switches for me?

    Thank you!!

    Edit: I have included a picture of my ideal build (which features the above)

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    Yes. You can always contact me while building your keyboard.

    For your ideal layout, choose bottom layout as winkeyless and “No” for “using 1x key”.

    The postion of stepped capslock is off-center.




    When I select “no” for 1x key, doesnt that refer to a standard bottom row? I want the 1x instead of the standard 1.25x modifiers, so do i still select “no”?



    So this is what I want to do, will you be able to complete this build for me?

    thank you!

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    If then, select “using 1x key” to “Yes”.

    Previous picture shows no 1x key.




    Alright thank you! I will submit my order, and include all the information in this post in my order. Thank you!!!

    Edit: Nvm, it didn’t let me post any notes on the order form. the payment has been sent though!

    But yeah, just in case I didn’t miss anything, as I am not too knowledgeable on the entire build process and what I need included in the order, please let me know if my order reflects what I want:

    Winkeyless with
    Bottom Row: 1.5 – 1u – 1.5 – 7u – 1.5 – 1u – 1.5 B
    Cherry MX Red Switches
    Cherry Stabilizers (Personally not a fan of Costar)
    Pink in-switch LEDs
    Stepped Caps lock
    1.75 Right Shift w/ Fn 1u

    That should encompass everything that I want,
    if you can confirm this for me, it would be greatly appreciated and thank you for the hassle!! I am looking forward to your fantastic work!! 🙂

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    Also, upon further inspection, I am 95% sure that the switches aren’t soldered correct? because there was no option for a completely assembled PCB, so it might look like I have to purchase my own plate elsewhere and solder the switches?


    I’ve sent you an email.

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