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    hello dear winkeyless team,

    sorry if this has been asked before but as i understand only 1 color led can be chosen
    in designing these pcb and i am wondering what made you decide on this

    for me personally i would very much like an full rgb per switch just like the underglow

    maybe for the next project you could either do

    1 – 4 pin led hot-swappable with holtites (pictures attached)

    2 – smd leds soldered on pcb with transparent switches (like attached white pcb picture).

    is this an power issue, software limitation or could it be that the layout would be ansi only?

    I am sorry again if this is not for me to suggest but i would be the first buyer if this feature can be achieved in the next possible pcb build

    thank you for reading

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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I would like to. But I can’t tell when it’s possible.




    that is perfectely ok and i understand no eta on this

    but thanks for considering



    Whenever any update, I’ll let you know.




    Please let us all know! 🙂 And still hoping for layer LED indication 😉

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