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    Travis Campbell

    I’m making a new keyboard with the B.87 R PCB, and I want it to have full RGB. What should I order if I plan on doing all the soldering manually and I already have the switches? Also, are the “RGB Parts” RGB for the underglow or for the keycaps?



    Do you have any reason to choose “B.87 R” , not “B.87”?

    Non-R version(B.87) offers SMT options which is including
    – Presoldered Controller parts
    – Presoldered RGB LED parts
    – Presoldered diodes and resistors.

    I strongly recommend you to choose that unless you are not  very high-skilled in soldering.
    (Controller parts and RGB LED chips are very tiny.)

    If you really want to solder all of them by yourself,
    you should add only parts
    – PCB with controller parts + RGB LED parts + diodes + stabilizers
    (If you want in-switch LED, additionally you should put in-switch LED and resistors into cart.)

    – a set of housing case

    I don’t offer keycaps or USB cable.
    (See for more details : https://winkeyless.kr/the-stuffs-to-make-keyboard/)



    Travis Campbell

    Thank you, what is the difference between the b.87  R and the b.87? Also, what are the size specifications on it like key spacing and dimensions?


    The difference is only in-switch led position.
    (Please see : https://winkeyless.kr/difference-between-r-and-non-r-pcb/)

    And for the measurement for a PCB, please visit here : http://blog.winkeyless.kr/191





    Travis Campbell

    Ok, thank you for the help. What is the difference between the two diode options on the b. 87 R PCB / Which ones should I buy? Also, if the PCB is not compatible with my case, is there any return policy?



    There is no difference except “look”.
    I think either is OK.

    And… sorry. There is no return policy.
    It is not a ready-made order but custom.
    Only If it has any defect, I’ll send you a new one or refund it.
    (So compatibility is not a case for refund or return.)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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