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    I’ve had my for a month or so now, and suddenly, 5 of the RGB underglow LEDs stopped working. I attached a picture. I’ve tried re flashing the board and they still will not turn on. The default number of LEDs is still set to 16. Any ideas what happened?

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    I have more info, for some reason, when I press “Default Num of LEDs” in the client, the number goes to 12. Even when I change it to 16, the LEDs do not turn on.



    Sorry for your inconvenience.

    Could you tell me your order number?



    Order #3925


    First of all, the menu “default num of LED” doesn’t have anything with your problem.

    How many LEDs did you set for the menu “Num of RGB LEDs”?
    If you set it right(16), I think it is mainly due to bad soldering(Yes I know the PCB was out with presoldered.)

    Could you check the soldering of the last working RGB LED and the first non-working RGB LED?
    (In your case, 11th and 12th RGB LEDs)

    If you are not able to check the state of soldering, then send me an email(





    I checked, but they seem to be soldered on well. And yes, it is set to 16.

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    Turns out, the 11th one didnt have enough solder on a pin. i just added more solder and they all now work. I didn’t even think to check the soldering, thanks for the help hojin!

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