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    Yes the itmes you selected are almost perfect.
    But one necessary thing missed.
    – USB cable (We don’t offer)

    And custom spring, lubing and sticker are optional.

    in reply to: Shipping time to the United States? #953


    Here are the lead time.

    1. Full assembling(All stuffs + soldering + lubing + stickering) : 12 – 14 days
    2. Only stuffs including housing case : 8 – 10 days
    3. Only stuffs and soldering without housing case: 4-5 days

    * If we find some defects in the case, it takes 3-4 days more.
    * delivery time : 2-4 days (It depends on local situation such as weather, strike..)
    * delivery method : EMS(Chian/Japan/Malaysia etc..), DHL(N.Am/Europe/Oceania etc..)


    in reply to: Case compatibility and PCB questions #941

    The dimension and layout of Poker is same as B.face’s.
    So if the TEX case fits Poker style, it fits our B.face PCB too.

    Edit : You can use both SMD and DIP type of diodes.
    Diodes 1N4148W and LL4148 are all SMD type.
    We don’t offer DIP type diodes.


    in reply to: Simple Question #937


    Sure it’s possible.

    In-switch LED and RGB LED have noting to do with original keyboard functionality, but only aesthetic things.


    in reply to: B.mini ex #934

    We released B.miniEx X2 version.

    in reply to: B.mini ex #920

    Sorry. We don’t have B.mini Ex PCB in stock.
    We will not make it anymore.
    Instead of that, we will offer new version “B.mini Ex X2” in a few days.


    in reply to: Springs #900


    The weight means a pressure values.

    So I think it refer to both of them – the weight required to actuate and to bottom out spring.

    For example the value of 55gram, if the finger pressure is more than that, the spring will be shrunken and the switch will be actuated.
    Likewise if less than that, it will spring out.


    in reply to: Future bluetooth/wireless compatibility? #896

    Surely we have the plan to offer wireless keyboard.
    And are developing it.

    But I’m not sure when it will come.
    We must solve the battery problem, change the pcb and case design, and more.

    In the near future, I hope we introduce it.


    in reply to: Which spring for Ergo Clears? #887

    Oh Good.
    I always respect some client’s brave not to give up assembling Custom MK himself.
    Yes, we have MX clear switch and a few softer springs.

    in reply to: Which spring for Ergo Clears? #885


    As you know we have not only MX clear switch, but also 55g/58g/62g springs in stock.

    You can use any spring of them, but we recommend 62g because 55g and 58g springs need lubing to prevent from being stuck.
    But we don’t offer the service of change-only-spring.
    Here are options.
    1) If you choose lubing option, we offer change-spring service without extra charge.
    2) If you don’t choose lubing option, you have to pay $12 for changeing springs.


    in reply to: Power requirements for RGB LEDs? #884


    Sorry for your inconvenience.

    First, the maxiumum electric usage of a RGB LED is 60 mA(20 mA per RGB channgel)
    (Ref. http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/LED/WS2812.pdf)
    So theoretically the maximum usage of 20 RGB LEDs is 1200 mA.
    But RGB Controller limits the maximum usage to 400mA(when including MCU, 500mA) for RGB LED per USB. (So the real full brightness through usb port is 30% of what it could be.)

    If your hub usb doesn’t support that much currenct, there would be a problem.
    So please check your hub capacity.
    And wheh you use an usb-hub, we recommend the one with power adapter.
    (e.g http://www.amazon.com/ORICO-10-Port-12V3A-Power-Adapter/dp/B00CBEVTIA)

    Of course USB 2.0.

    If you find the same problem after changing the hub,
    please let me know.


    in reply to: Ton of questions #874
    in reply to: Ton of questions #871

    I’ll do my best to answer your questions. But even though they are not enough, please understand me^^

    1. Is there any chance that we will have RGB switch (Transparent body like Corsair K70 RGB) ?

    –> Sorry no. We don’t have them, and also they didn’t fit our PCBs.
    2. Is there any chance that we will have RGB led in switch with some led profiles ?
    –> Sorry no.

    2.1 If not, then can I have more than one color led in switch installed (i.e: Pink in numpad, Red in F1~F12, Blue in other key) ?
    –> Yes. The colors are limited to White, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red.

    2.2 If I have led installed like 2.1, which resistors I should use ?
    –> It depends on which color a LED has. Here are ohm values for each color.
    – white/pink LED : 820 Ohm
    – blue/green LED : 910 Ohm
    – red/yellow/orange LED : 1300 Ohm

    3. Do the products include USB/PS2 cab ?
    –> No. We don’t offer USB/PS2 cables.

    4. Why I see the pictures of Diffuser case it has 4 layers of color rather than 3 layers that I can choose in options ?
    –> Your saying is right. An acrylic case with diffuser has 4 layers:2T – 3T – diffuser – 5T(legs). But diffuser’s color is fixed to frost. So you can choose only 3 layers.

    4. Can you show me more pictures of case colors ? I still cant imagine them all. Im so glad if all of them have pictures 🙂
    –> First please look at difference among frost, matte and translucent/transparent at : http://winkeyless.kr/case-color/
    And normal acrylic case and diffuser : http://blog.winkeyless.kr/186
    If you want to see the colors, visit here : http://www.hanaacryl.com/product/?s_category=85

    5. Can you show me more pictures of case colors combine ? (i.e: with Diffuser case, one picture of Layer 1 with Matte Black, one picture of Layer 2 with Matte frost, one picture of Layer 3 with Transparent, and one or more pictures when the case is assembled.)
    –> It’s quite a difficult and huge homework. So I suggest a different way.
    Please find a pic which you like and send me the link. If then, I’ll tell you the color option. My email address is “flashteker@gmail.com”.


    in reply to: Mini or Micro USB? #861


    The connectors of our all PCBs are for “mini” USB except B.thumb which uses “micro” one.

    in reply to: Question about Space Row #846

    Space Row has 2 types. – Winkey and Winkeyless

    1. Winkey : only has one layout
    – 1.25X,1.25X,1.25X,6.25x,1.25X,1.25X,1.25X,1.25X

    2. Winkeyless : has 2 (or more) layouts
    1) Using winkey : 1.5, 1, 1.5 , 7, 1.5, 1, 1.5
    2) Not using winkey : 1.5, blank, 1.5 , 7, 1.5, blank, 1.5

    but some other layouts possible, even though you can’t find them in case layout option.

    3) 1.5, 1, 1.5 , 6, 1.5, 1,1, 1.5
    4) blank, 1, 1.5, 6, 1.5, 1, blank, blank(HHKB)
    – If you want, we can offer 3) and 4) layouts. But not 6-long stablizer.
    – For alternatively, you can use “blank, 1, 1.5, 7, 1.5, 1, blank, blank” as HHKB style

    in reply to: Question about Space Row #845


    To make layout 1.25X,1.25X,1.25X,6.25x,1.25X,1.25X,1.25X,1.25X for the B.face series,
    just select “Space row” as “Winkey”.


    in reply to: Resistors #833

    Only for in-switch LED.

    in reply to: Differences between the B.87, B.87 X2, and B.87R X2? #831

    We offer Cherry stabilizers which are PCB-mounted type.

    in reply to: Differences between the B.87, B.87 X2, and B.87R X2? #830

    Ooops Sorry.
    My mistake!
    I’ve fixed.

    Thanks for your instruction.

    in reply to: Differences between the B.87, B.87 X2, and B.87R X2? #825
    in reply to: full size pcb with ikbc 104 #793


    Sorry. It seems our B.87ex pcb doesn’t fit the case.

    in reply to: Will all of this work together? #752


    Sorry for my poor English skill.

    If you ask all the stuffs you selected are working as the parts of B.face keyboard.
    My answer is “Yes”.

    Is it what you ask?

    (My email address is flashteker@gmail.com. Could you ask me through email?)


    in reply to: Will all of this work together? #750


    Yes, all you selected are done altogether by us.

    Sorry we don’t offer keycaps.
    And the keycaps you asked are the vortex dysubed ones which we bought from a GB.
    So we don’t know how to get them.


    in reply to: Need help with the casing. #686

    Hi Thanks for your interests in our product.
    For the keycap “Tai-Hao”, here is the layout
    – ANSI
    – Left shift : 2.25
    – CapsLock Pos: Center
    – Space Row : winkey
    – Space switch pos:Center

    And you can select the transparent color for the cases, which I forgot adding.
    I fixed option.


    in reply to: 456GT PCB #668

    Sorry, No.

    in reply to: Kmac PCB #660


    Sorry. Our products don’t fit into Kmac case.


    in reply to: Custom layout #541

    Do you really want 5.5x space?
    If it’s 6.25x(Winkey) or 7x(Winkeyless), we can make design according to your layout.
    But there is MOQ or extra charge for the customized pcb.

    For deeper talk, please send me email.


    in reply to: Full Assembly #480


    You can see all cost for the full keyboard except for keycap at : http://winkeyless.kr/download/winkeyless_table_all.pdf.


    in reply to: Case Options-Space Row #463

    Hi lan.
    If you see the layout for B.mini at http://winkeyless.kr/?product=b-mini-pcb,
    it’s impossible to make space row 1.25x + 1.25x + 1.25x + 6.25x + 1.25x + 1.25x + 1.25x + 1.25x. Beacuse in B.mini, 2 direction keys which are 1x each occupy bottom row.
    In full layout or tenkeyless, you can use that layout.

    And “some space” is a blank area with 0.5x

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