The Stuffs To Make Keyboard

The Stuffs To Make Complete Keyboard


Before gethering parts, you have to decide

  1. Keyboard size
 Size  100%  90%  Tenkeyless  75%  65%  60%  Numpad
 Model  B.87EX  B.miniEX  B.87 22mini-B B.face B.pad


For the difference between “non-X2” and “X2”, see

For the difference between “non-R” and “R”, see


  1. Case Layout
  • see the table below
Model B.87, B.87 EX B.face, 22mini-B
Basic Layout ANSI or ISO
CapsLock Position Cherry(Off Center) or Majestouch(Center) or Combo
(See the difference at
Space Row Combo or Winkey or Winkeyless
*if B.face/B.thumb, it supports HHKB layout (blank+1X+1.5X+7X+1.5X+1X+blank)
1.25X + 1.25X + 1.25X + 6.25X + 1X + 1X + 1X
1.25X + 1.25X + 1.25X + 6.25X + 1.5X + 1.5X
1.25X + 1.25X + 1.25X + 6.25X + 1.25X + 1.25X
1.5X + 1.5X + 7X + 1.5X + 1.5X
1.5X + 1.5X + 7X + 1X + 1X + 1X
If Winkey,Winkey space key position Cherry(Off Center) or Majestouch(Center) or Combo
If Winkeyless

Whether to use winkey, bottom row layout

1.5 + 1 + 1.5 + 7 + 1.5 + 1 + 1.5

NO : 1.5 + Blank+ 1.5 + 7 + 1.5 + Blank+ 1.5

Right Shift 2.75X or 1.75X + 1X
Back Space 2X or 1X * 2


You can break down a mechanical keyboard into 6 parts in major parts to complete it.

  1. PCB
  2. Switches
  3. Housing Case
  4. Keycaps (We don’t offer)
  5. Power Cable(We don’t offer)
  6. Stabilizers

But we, winkeyless, don’t offer 4. Keycap or 5.Power Cable.

For the PCB,

you necessarily need,

  1. Controller Parts
  • You don’t have to buy them separately. Ordering PCB includes them.
  • If you want them pre-soldered, you can choose “Controller parts and soldering” option in a PCB item.


2. Diodes

  • You can buy only parts or “parts + soldering” in a PCB item.


Not essential, but for your preferences

3. In-switch LEDs and Resistors

  • In-switch LEDs are lighting LED lamps inserted into each switch. You can choose only LED parts or “parts + soldering” in PCB item.
  • If you are to use in-switch LED, you need resistors. You can choose only resistors or “parts + soldering” in PCB item.



  • RGB LEDs are for backlight effect. While each in-switch LED has 1 color, RGB LED can light all true colors.
  • We also offer soldering service.


For the switches,

you necessarily need,

  1. Cherry MX or Cherry-style switches
  • We offer 3 switches : MX Black, MX Blue, MX Clear, MX Red, MX Brown
  • We also provide “soldering switches” service.


     2. Stabilizers
  • It is used to support long keys such as Space, Shift…
  • We offer Cherry PCB Mount Stabilizers
  • short  x 3 : tenkey pad se
  • short x 4 + long x 1 : tenkeyless set (winkey [6.25x space] or winkeyless [7x space])
  • short x 7 + long x 1 : full-sized layout set (winkey [6.25x space] or winkeyless [7x space])


Not essential, but for your preferences

3. Lubing springs

  • For the smoother pressing, you can choose lubing service.
  • For the MX Blue, we don’t offer lubing service. Because we think it’s best as it is.

4. Springs

  • To change pressure, you can change springs in switches.
  • We have 3 types of springs : 55g, 58g, 62g
  • You can buy only parts.
  • If you want changing service, you have to choose “Lubing” service.


5. Stickers

  • For the purpose of aesthetic and preventing switches from wobbling, you can stick the stickers.
  • Red/Yellow/White/Orange/Pink/Skyblue/Green/Black colors available.
  • If you want stickering service, you have to choose “Lubing” service.


For the housing case, you necessarily need,

  1. Housing case


(We don’t offer acrylic first layer for the housing case.)


2. Bolts, nuts and bumpons

  • You don’t have to buy them separately, because our housing casses include them.


Depending on your keyboard size and layout, a stabilizer is decided. So you don’t have to worry about which stabilzer you should choose.


Yes I know it’s difficult and confusing when making custom keyboard, especially when selecting layout for housing case.

If you have a keyboard which attracted your eyes, please send me the link to it. I’ll take care of the options according to it.